Problem playing videos

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Problem playing videos

Příspěvekod johntimber » čtv, 24 kvě 2018 07:36


I realize this issue has been raised before, but is there anything I can do to improve the rendering of videos in Pale Moon? The flow is anything but smooth, and that holds true for videos on all sites, not just YouTube. Frames are being dropped, so it looks more like 15 frames per second, which is like watching an old movie from the 1920s. Most of the video sites I visit use HTML5; only a handful still rely on Flash, so I don't suspect that the issue is caused by the version of Flash I've installed.
What I've tried so far is enabling/disabling hardware acceleration, which makes no difference at all. I'm also unable to update the video drivers for my machine. Perhaps there's an about:config setting that I've overlooked.
I run Pale Moon 27 on a Windows 7 laptop, and am using Firefox compability mode. Actually, the videos are no smoother using Firefox 45, but they play perfectly in another Firefox-based browser, K-Meleon (Gecko 31, UA spoofed to Firefox 53). They look fine in Chrome, as well?

Please help.

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